mobile application

GSI DataFlex® is a highly specialized search tool developed by Geographic Services, Inc. (GSI) which enables efficient, multi-lingual, phonetic-based search. It is uniquely designed to work with non-romanized and script-based languages where many other search engines fail. GSI has migrated the GSI DataFlex® application to a mobile platform to be made available through the Innovative GEOINT Application Provider Program (IGAPP). The mobile App which is currently available as a native iOS App allows users to search the world-wide Geographic Names database. Results are grouped by country and presented on a map view.

The App also allows users to create favorite locations and track paths using the built-in GPS in the device. Locations and tracked paths can also be viewed using GSI’s web based Human Atlas® platform.

GSI DataFlex® for iOs provides the following capabilities:

  • Secure cloud based architecture with access to worldwide geographic names.
  • Available map and imagery base.
  • Online access to GSI's phonetic search engine, GSI DataFlex®.
  • Search results grouped by strength of match as well as by country.
  • Map-based interface for display of search results.
  • Access to location details including coordinates, variant names and native script.
  • Ability to track paths for storage, recall and display on GSI’s Web-based Human Atlas® application.
  • Native iOS App.