Human Atlas®

Human Atlas® is an advanced cloud based application that integrates a wide range of geospatial, linguistic and sociocultural data. It provides clients with an in-depth understanding of the cultural landscape, from dense cities to small villages, across a country or region. The easy-to-use visualization allows analysts to quickly identify the context of locations, leadership, and social networks. Patterns and relationships are discovered that would otherwise require extensive research. Users can also integrate their own data into the Human Atlas® platform where social and location based connections can be identified and explored.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Local and Regional Hierarchies – Identify power structures in any society.
  • Access micro-level Human Geography created from the bottom up, providing large scale and street level data.
  • Identify prominent individuals
  • Geographic Names Integration – Human Atlas® includes global Geographic Names Data, efficiently discovered using GSI DataFlex®
  • Easily integrate into other applications – The Human Atlas® REST based API enables developers to incorporate analytics and data into existing web and mobile applications.
  • Open Source Data - Our data is based on current open source researched in the native language and always checked against at least two sources. All data includes source metadata and temporal tags.
  • Multi-lingual – Human Atlas® presents datasets in both native language, Romanized and English text.
  • Integrated Phonetic Search – Human Atlas® includes GSI DataFlex®, GSI’s searching algorithms based on word pronunciation. GSI DataFlex® significantly improves search functions within the Human Atlas® platform.
  • Integration of user data – Users can easily upload data for visualization and analysis in conjunction with GSI’s Human Geography data.