GSA Schedule 70

General Purpose Commercial Information Technology Equipment, Software, and Services

The GSA IT Schedule 70 is the most widely-used acquisition vehicle in the federal government and provides access to a wide-range of our IT solutions.

Contract Number: GS35F-672GA

Contract Period: September 12, 2017- September 11, 2022

Open to Federal, State and Local Agencies

IDIQ Scope: Products and Services

Functional Areas of Service

SIN 132-41: Earth Observation Solutions
Provides geospatial earth observation technologies, services, data and products through various platforms, tools, applications and labor rates. GSI’s offerings include global coverage of Geographic Names (Geonames), Human Geography content, training, cloud based content discovery, storage and distribution, monitoring, and earth observation solutions for accurate, mission critical information. Data services in the scope of this SIN include (but not limited to) data creation, hosting and dissemination, advanced data analytics, integration of other content to include Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI), temporal and spatial change detection, and emerging technologies and solutions. Content hosted in cloud based Human Atlas® is accessible via subscription services, APIs, or traditional media delivery and formats.

Monitoring and evaluation is critical for accountability, measuring impact, and informing ongoing strategic, tactical and risk management decisions. Human Atlas® makes analytics easy by providing a platform to relate data sets for quick visualization of trends, indicators, and connections as well as tailored analytics including modeling. It dissolves the traditional column structure of databases so users can link any project specific dataset, social media content, sensor data, or crowdsourced information using the relational structure of the platform for seamless integration. At a glance, the impact of a program across ethnicity, religion, language or any other factor is visible, reportable, and sharable.

GSI’s GSA Contract and Pricing