GSI: At the Forefront of Human Geography

Geographic Services, Inc. (GSI) is the industry leader in Human Geography. Our cloud-based geospatially-enabled cultural data and technologies revolutionize the way activities, risks and opportunities are assessed throughout the globe. GSI’s architecture and supporting content are built on a framework of our core knowledge in language, culture, and spatial relationships which deliver innovative solutions that drive analytic needs within foreign contexts and locations.

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Human Geography

Human Geography is the science and study of people and their relationships across locations, and has multiple applications within corporate and government settings. At GSI, we leverage our heritage in language, culture, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) with our technological capabilities to effectively decipher the beliefs, attitudes, and practices of local people. This process is enhanced through Human Atlas ®, a cloud based, scalable platform that hosts and delivers the geospatial and cultural data needed to deliver mission critical analytic capabilities.

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Our Journey

As the world becomes smaller, the understanding of people and different cultures has become an integral component to conducting business on a global scale. GSI’s capabilities provides context and a better understanding of people and their cultures to improve analytics-based decisions in regions that are defined by ethnic and religious ties.

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GSI Leadership

GSI leadership is a seasoned team comprised of business, technology, geospatial and cultural experts. The GSI team includes developers, programmers, database architects, engineers, and subject matter experts who work together to address the challenges that the geospatial technology industry faces in today’s world of interconnected cultural complexities.

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