Geospatial Solutions for Human Geography

Geographic Services, Inc. is the leading Human Geography solutions provider, helping to improve analytics-based decisions for commercial, non-government, and government customers.

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Leveraging the power of patented and proprietary technologies, GSI provides an unparalleled understanding of the intricate relationships between people, groups, and their locations.


Dynamic geospatial content is generated to capture, manage, analyze, display, and improve analytics-based decision-making.


Foster cultural understanding, goodwill, and on the ground decision making capabilities with the help of expert-level linguists across thirty unique languages.

Sociocultural Analysis

Sociocultural experts guide, collect, and analyze critical data to generate vital insights into societal structures and human relationships, so that business and security can be conducted on a global scale.

Consulting Services

GSI leverages its Human Geography content to support customer understanding of people, groups, their locations, and relationships for enhanced real time decision-making capabilities.


GSI is the premier provider of innovative Human Geography solutions for commercial, government, and non-government organizations.

Our Team

Team Member
Keyvan Rafei - President and CEO

Mr. Rafei has been instrumental in providing strategic direction and leadership for the company, transforming Geographic Services from a geographic names and analysis startup in 2002 to what it is today: a recognized leader in Human Geography offering a broad range of geographic information systems, linguistic and sociocultural solutions.

Team Member
Nancy McGee - Chief Operating Officer

Ms. McGee has developed exceptional management, technical and leadership skills and expertise in the geospatial-intelligence industry to include terrain analysis, human geography, cartography, photogrammetry, hydrography and remote sensing requirements and technologies.

Team Member
Fred Hejazi - Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Hejazi has over 25 years of experience in Information System design, software development, project management, and Geospatial Information Systems. System design experience includes over 20 years of application development, consulting, project management, sales and marketing experience in all levels of government in North America.

Team Member
Paul Reid - Program Manager

Mr. Reid has over 30 years experience managing personnel and projects dealing with linguistic support and GIS. He retired from the Federal Government in 2002 after 25 years with the Foreign Broadcast Information Service, the Library of Congress, and the Department of Labor.

Team Member
Rob Hynes - Program Manager

Mr. Hynes is a licensed Professional Engineer in the Commonwealth of Virginia and certified Project Management Professional with over 20 years of experience leading teams and managing complex programs in engineering and topography.

Team Member
Jennifer Hergenroeder - Operations Manager

Ms. Hergenroeder has worked with Geographic Services, Inc. since 2006 and has experience managing multi-cultural linguist teams and multi-function analyst teams. Her experience also includes developing and implementing standard operating procedures for new corporate capabilities.

Team Member
Gwyneth Sutherlin, PhD - Director of Human Geography and Analytics Research

Gwyneth Sutherlin has more than ten years of experience in intercultural mediation including the development of programming that garnered UN recognition for innovation in North Africa. As a researcher, she focuses on the intersection of cultural dimensions and technology for application in conflict analysis. Dr. Sutherlin has a degree in political science from Indiana University and a doctorate in peace and conflict studies from the University of Bradford. She works in seven foreign languages.


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Contact a GSI team member to begin the journey towards understanding and applying Human Geography in geographic locations defined by ethnic, linguistic, religious, and organizational relationships.

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